Kitchen Tips: The Basics of Kitchen Design

Kitchen Tips: The Basics of Kitchen Design

Full article with thanks to: Remodelling a kitchen is sometimes a matter of updating appliances, countertops, and cabinets. But to really get to the essence of a kitchen, it helps to rethink the entire plan and flow of the kitchen. Basic kitchen design layouts are templates that you can use for your own kitchen. You may not necessarily use the kitchen layout as-is, but … Read More

What Rug Should I Choose for My Kitchen?

kitchen rug

Full article with thanks to: Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, which makes it much harder to find a rug for your kitchen. You probably have a dozen questions but just can’t seem to find the answers. What type of carpet should I get? Should I go dark or stay light? Will a patterned mat throw off the … Read More

What Will Make Your Kitchen ‘Happy’?

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Full article with thanks to: A white kitchen with a central island, walk-in pantry and American-style fridge freezer has been revealed as the ultimate ‘happy kitchen’. New research from Magnet has revealed that size is no longer a concern, with more than two-thirds of people (68 percent) agreeing that practicality and organisation in the kitchen are more important than the size of the … Read More

What Questions Should I Ask My Kitchen Designer?

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Full article with thanks to: A kitchen renovation can seem daunting at the outset, simply because there are so many elements involved in getting it right. It’s not just about creating a stunning design but preparing for all the practical elements as well. The journey need not be a hard one, though – just bookmark these pointers to set … Read More

Inspirational Ideas for Your Kitchen Space

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Full article with thanks to: Small kitchens From savvy storage solutions to fold-out furniture, our small kitchen design ideas will help you create a space that suits your needs and lifestyle. Wouldn’t it be great if all our kitchens were as big as those gracing glossy magazines and TV screens? In reality, many of us have to make do … Read More

How to Maximise Your Kitchen Dining Area

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Full article with thanks to: A dining area within a kitchen offers an inviting place to sit down for a casual meal that’s less formal than a dining room, but more formal than a perch at an island. For the purposes of this article, a kitchen dining spot means that, when you’re having a meal, you’re facing your family or … Read More

Simple Steps To Remodel Your Kitchen

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Full article with thanks to: Few home remodeling projects come with more benefits—and more headaches—than a major kitchen remodeling job. If you hire a general contractor to manage a major job that expands the kitchen footprint, costs can easily go into the six-figure range. If you have the courage to tackle the work yourself, the job may take many months to … Read More

What Type Of Cookware You Should Pick


Full article with thanks to: As the repercussions of eating unhealthy food have become more prominent, people have started to take measures towards a healthy lifestyle! Diet is everything and what you eat is what sets the path as you progress towards being fit. However, it is entirely pointless if the food is being cooked in utensils that are … Read More

9 Easy Ways to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

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Full article with thanks to: Your kitchen is your place of inspiration and creativity — it’s the space you use to be imaginative, to take risks, to try new things. It’s difficult to feel that adventurous rush to dream up recipes and try out new things if your surroundings are dim and uninspiring. Instead of letting your outdated kitchen … Read More

Which Type of Kitchen Sink is Right for Me?

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Full article with thanks to: With so many different sinks on the market, it can look like a daunting task to choose what best suits you. Although we cannot tell you which would be the best one for you without knowing all your requirements, we can tell you all the types that are available and what the features of … Read More