What Will Make Your Kitchen ‘Happy’?

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Full article with thanks to: housebeautiful.com/uk/decorate/kitchen/a37256919/happy-kitchen-essentials A white kitchen with a central island, walk-in pantry and American-style fridge freezer has been revealed as the ultimate ‘happy kitchen’. New research from Magnet has revealed that size is no longer a concern, with more than two-thirds of people (68 percent) agreeing that practicality and organisation in the kitchen are more important than the size of the … Read More

What Questions Should I Ask My Kitchen Designer?

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Full article with thanks to: houzz.co.uk/magazine/9-questions-you-need-to-ask-before-you-plan-a-new-kitchen-stsetivw-vs~91947144 A kitchen renovation can seem daunting at the outset, simply because there are so many elements involved in getting it right. It’s not just about creating a stunning design but preparing for all the practical elements as well. The journey need not be a hard one, though – just bookmark these pointers to set … Read More

Simple Steps To Remodel Your Kitchen

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Full article with thanks to: thespruce.com/steps-to-a-kitchen-remodel-1822229 Few home remodeling projects come with more benefits—and more headaches—than a major kitchen remodeling job. If you hire a general contractor to manage a major job that expands the kitchen footprint, costs can easily go into the six-figure range. If you have the courage to tackle the work yourself, the job may take many months to … Read More